What is bonded broadband?

Bonded DSL combines up to 4 standard ADSL lines to create one single connection – making your upload and download speeds that much faster. The telephone lines must be terminate closely together and the cost of the DSL does not include the cost of the telephone lines (PSTN)

A preconfigured router effortlessly combines the 2 to 4 lines to greatly improve your broadband up and down speeds. The better the up-speed you can move large files, do video conferencing, VPN’s or VoIP.

If any of the lines do go down your broadband will continue to work on the reminding lines that are still in service.


The cost is:

Usage per month

2 Bonded DSL lines per month

3 Bonded DSL lines per month

4 Bonded DSL lines per month


















Line Rental for PSTN £11.50.