Our business partners have built the X-Dial Suite to be scalable from the beginning which enables us to easily add different modules and resources as your needs require which ensures that you only pay for the features you need and your system can grow with your call centre. Out of the box X-Dial offers an excellent call centre solution but when we set up custom campaigns and settings for your call centre X-Dial becomes the perfect call centre solution ensuring that you maximise your ROI by increasing agent productivity and lowering your costs.

Rent a Dialler

Renting a Dialler from XDial can increase your ROI and get more agents on more calls at once. Our automated dialler can be customised to integrate with or replace your current in house systems. Our Auto Dialler comes with advanced call recording and real time reporting tools.

Our Up to the minute real time reports allow management to make informed decisions on call centre productivity and change dialler settings in real time to maximise marketing potential. Renting a dialler from us can be done on a monthly basis and will still give you the full functionality of having your own dialler. All our dialler’s are fully supported and you get direct access to our support team seven days a week. Our Industry leading technology puts you in control of your rented dialler allowing you access to all campaign settings.

With the XDial auto dialler, agents can reach more customers faster and become cost efficient by using automated technology and applications for outbound dialling solutions.XDial expands the role of contact centres, adding campaign management and worker productivity tools that enable more transactions per hour, more effective customer interactions, and greater operational efficiency across the entire enterprise.

If you rent a dialler you can have the option of loading your own campaign data or we can provide this service for you. XDial can even integrate our auto dialler into your existing systems allowing you to streamline your work flow and increase your productivity.