Your Gateway To The Internet

With the increasing use of internet technologies and the convergence of voice and data solutions, understanding all of the technical options, the huge variations in carrier products available and the constant industry developments requires specialist knowledge and experience.

That’s where we take over, our consultants have the knowledge to drive your business into the 21st century. Through our network of leading providers we can source the right solution for your business. 21st century networks are here

Data: 21st century networks.

Data traffic is growing at six times the rate of voice traffic. Driven by our customers needs to transport more and more business critical data, we have developed relationships with key data suppliers and our range of services include the following:-

▪ Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)
▪ Frame Relay
▪ Internet Protocol Virtual Private Networks (IPVPN)
▪ ISDN Lines
▪ Private Cicuits
▪ Short Haul Data Services
▪ Virtual Private Networks

We can help you find the complete end to end managed service that you need for your voice and data solutions.


Whether you have a handful of sites or a global network we have products to suit your needs.

We adopt a 6 STAGE APPROACH to ensuring you get the best from your network …

1) DEFINE what YOU require.

2) DESIGN a network to meet YOUR SLAs.

3) IMPLEMENT the network.

4) REFINE by constant monitoring.

5) EVOLVE over time.

6) CONVERGE voice and data.