A professional image for your customers and numbers for all businesses. 0800 Free to call for your customers. 0844, low cost call and can have a revenue share.0845 low cost call but can have a rental package attached..0870 these numbers should be classed the same as a local call,0871 revenue share numbers ideal for call support lines and 0333, cheap to call and as with all the numbers listed here the are useful for a national presence and can offer some fantastic solutions as listed below.

We offer a full range of Non Geographic numbers to provide your business with a professional image and a national presence.

One to Many

One to Many allows the user to assign up to nine different number destinations which will be tried in turn if the primary destination is unavailable.

One to One

One to One number translation is the ideal tool to ensure that you can be contacted wherever you happen to be and at whatever time; on the same number as if you were sat at your desk.

Virtual Receptionist

Virtual Receptionist provides the perfect solution to this problem – and whilst improving efficiency of call navigation is also cost effective and helps callers to reach their chosen destination quickly.

Call Conferencing

Call Conferencing allows for all relevant parties to engage with each other in real-time without physically being in the same location. Utilising our cutting edge conference call services – setting up an audio conference is quick, easy and highly cost effective.

Call Queuing

Call Queuing serves to prevent instances of high call volume from reflecting badly upon the organisation, or from having a negative impact upon the experience of the caller.

Email to Fax

Email 2 Fax allows the user to send faxes by email without the need for a fax machine, with minimal fuss and at a lower cost than by conventional methods.

Fax to Email

Fax 2 Email allows the user to receive faxes directly to their email inbox with minimal fuss, zero waste and absolute efficiency

Auto Attendant

The call handling role Auto Attendant allows for multiple departments of a company to be contacted on one number without confusion or the need to pay the salary of a receptionist or switchboard operative.